A Look at the Differences between a Pergola and Verandah

Millions of homes in Australia have one thing in common: they have either a pergola or verandah as an exterior feature. Well, it no longer is a surprise since both outdoor structures have been in existence for centuries. While both are similar in so many respects, the truth is they are entirely different. So, if you are planning to improve your outdoor space by adding a structure to it, you probably have these two as your primary options. However, you still are not sure which one best fits your purpose. In this article, we help you figure out which one is the more practical choice by identifying their differences.

What is a Pergola?

Pergolas Adelaide is initially a freestanding structure, but lately, they are built correctly as an attachment or addition to a building or home. Pergolas are versatile since they are made either as an open structure or a sheltered one. They also come in different designs, sizes, shapes, and material construction.

Undoubtedly the most notable feature of a pergola is that it brings you closer to the environment. You need a pergola for social and family gatherings, like when you spend the weekend with friends coming over for a barbecue or dinner. However, if you build it according to its original purpose, the support columns naturally become a home for vines and other climbing plants. When the columns are full of those plants, you get a natural shade. You should know that modern pergolas have permanent roofs instead of those columns with vines in them. The advantage of the current version is that construction makes use of more durable materials, which means it protects you from outside elements, including rain, snow, and the sun.

How About a Verandah?

Verandahs may appear to have the same function as pergolas Adelaide, but they are different in many aspects. For instance, you see a verandah attached to the building or home in all cases. It also is found in various areas like the front of the house, back, side, or in some cases, all the way around. Verandahs first appeared in Australia in the Queenslander times, and ever since it has become a classic addition to homes. Since it is attached to the house, a verandah offers a perfect area for you to enjoy some fresh air without going as far as the garden.

What makes it similar to a pergola is that it also has a roof. It means the construction of both structures incorporates a cover or some roofing system. However, the roof of a verandah could be retractable, while you often do not see the same feature in a pergola roof, which is usually a fixed or covered structure.