Common Gardening Mistakes Beginners like You Must Avoid

There is a lot more to gardening than a good soil for planting and sunlight all year long. If you consider yourself a beginner, it may seem like gardening is quite simple. In some aspects, it is, but for the most part, it is not. There are more than a handful of mistakes you make that, in one way or another, can ruin your plan of building something sustainable in your yard.

If it is your first time in gardening, you should know that sticking to the basics and avoiding any experiments are the keys to success. Sometimes, you feel like you want to incorporate something unique; well, it is your right. However, you must be sure not to make these mistakes:

1 – Planting too many vegetable varieties.

Since you are just starting, it means you must try to keep it as minimalist as possible, at least in the first year. Once you are successful in growing a few vegetables, you might get tempted and plant some more. You do not want a full garden because it is too difficult to manage. You might end up losing your plants since you got overwhelmed by the number of vegetables you planted at the same time.

2 – Crowding different varieties, planting them too close to each other.

Another thing you must avoid in your first gardening experience is crowding different plant varieties. It is similar to the first mistake, but this one could quickly lead to failure. It usually happens if you have a limited area or space for the garden, which is why you try to squeeze as many seedlings as possible. Unfortunately, you could end up with sick or unhealthy plants.

3 – Watering too often.

Perhaps you believe that water does not harm your plants. However, excessive watering or doing it at the wrong time of the day does more harm than good for your home garden. It is true that plants should get enough water for them to survive, but you also cannot give them too much since it drowns them. The best method of water is by doing it in small amounts and incrementally. You must reduce the frequency if it is the rainy season.

4 – Planting the wrong plants next to each other.

We get it, you are quite excited about the whole gardening thing, especially since it is your first time to build one finally. However, you cannot just let the excitement overwhelm you and end up planting all the wrong varieties of plants next to each other. You must do some reading first before choosing which plants to put in your garden. The one thing you must acknowledge is that certain plants grow well together, while others not so much. You should know what the ideal pairings are since some plants could hinder the growth or even kill other plants beside them.