Amazing German Shepherds

Amazing German Shepherds specialise in breeding, raising and, training.

We are proud of our excellent breeding program, producing dogs that are fantastic examples of the breed standard. They are thoroughly screened for hereditary health concerns by licensed veterinarians before breeding. Screening includes X-rays and OFA Certification. Our females are de-wormed and vaccinated before breeding which only occurs once a year, sometimes even once every other year. The health of our dogs is most important as they are our pets, and are thus treated and cared for with respect like any other member of the family.

Our A.K.C. Registered German Shepherd puppies are bred for companionship, health, trainability, conformation, temperament, Schutzhund ability, family protection. All puppies are bred and raised in our home, which is a clean and close-knit family environment. By the time that they are ready to be settled with their new owners, our puppies are socially well-adjusted and prepared to make an outstanding addition to your family. Also, before placement, they are vet-checked, vaccinated, and de-wormed. We also offer a two-year replacement health guarantee if your dog cannot obtain an OFA Certification on hips or elbows. OFA preliminary x-rays are recommended between ages six months and one year.

If you do not plan to breed your dog, please have them neutered or spayed at the appropriate age. This procedure helps us all do our part in abolishing irresponsible breeding methods.

To help puppies become an asset to your family instead of being a future liability, please devote the needed time and resources to them, as well as provide a clean, healthy, safe, and happy environment for your puppy. We are also glad to give any relevant support and advice that may be necessary while your family is adjusting to its new member.

If you have interest in owning a German Shepherd puppy, we would love to hear from you.