A Dog Owner’s List of Must-Have Accessories

As a pet lover, you always have a soft heart and wide-open arms when it comes to the prospect of having another puppy join your family. You look forward to taking care of the young one like how you care for and love your children. And like the responsibility of having kids, you also must be serious about giving the puppy a healthy and happy home as it grows.


One of the things you should focus in your preparation for the arrival of a new member of the family is buying the accessories you need to take care of it, including those we call as necessities and those who are more intended for the fun and playtime of your four-legged buddy. Now, if you are unsure about the stuff you should buy, then this article helps you come up with a priority list of dog accessories.


  1. Dog Leash – The dog leash is not meant for fun, but it is a must-have for safety and training purposes. You cannot take the risk of allowing your puppy to run out of the house without a leash because it still does not know the repercussions. The dog leash may appear harsh for a small dog, but it will benefit you and the canine in the long run.


  1. Bowls – It is best that you choose a food and water bowl made from either stainless steel or ceramic material. The reason is that your puppy tends to munch on anything it can get its mouth on, and both stainless steel and ceramic are durable enough to withstand a puppy’s chewing tendencies. Also, avoid buying bowls which are too large for the puppy because it will hinder its eating experience.


  1. Pee Pads – Some dog owners think that pee pads are unnecessary since the puppy will eventually outgrow the need for it. Nonetheless, if you are about keeping your living space clean and free of odour, then you will appreciate having pee pads within reach. The pads are designed for and effective in absorbing liquid and moisture. Remember that traditional towels are no alternative for pee pads.


  1. Bed – We couldn’t stress more on the importance of a bed for a puppy. It ensures a comfortable and safe place for the young animal to relax and sleep. You probably already know that puppies need as much warmth as possible, especially if you live in an area where temperatures could quickly go below freezing point.


  1. Treats – One of the essential dog accessories you must have at home are treats. Aside from giving them treats for fun, it also helps in training. You use the treats to reward the animal when it showcases good behaviour or when it performs stunts that you taught them.


  1. Dog Crate or Kennel – The crate or kennel is another dog essential because it is the one you will need when you plan on taking the puppy with you while travelling. A crate is a valuable tool since it also is the one you will use when you must take that occasional trip to the veterinary clinic for a check-up or medication.




And do not forget about grooming supplies and chew toys, especially for young ones that will not stop from munching on everything they can find. The grooming supplies, meanwhile, should include a comb, cotton balls, nail clipper, ear cleaning solution, scissors, blow dryer, brush, and shampoo.