How to Keep Flies and Other Insects Out of Your Home

During summer, flying insects coming indoors can be a nightmare. Keeping the insects out can seem impossible without closing all your doors and windows, and this will result in you and your family suffering the heat. However, if flying insects have been troubling you and invading your house, here are some tips on how to deal with them without the need to use expensive fly traps or the noisy fly killers.

The Water Method

Fill a clear plastic bag of water and hang it over the window or doorway. The idea is that as light refracts through the plastic bag, it creates a tremendous reflection of the fly. The fly, seeing another “colossal” creature in its way, will not go through the opening.

Putting a penny in the bag can as well be useful. The theory here is that the fly sees the bag and penny as much like a spider and its web, and so it is scared away. Putting tinfoil in the cellophane bag can as well work.

The bubble is said to be an excellent alternative to this method, as it has the same effect on the fly’s vision. You will see an application of these methods in many houses and business all over, and you can choose one that will work for you. All these methods are ways of housefly control well-documented in DIY blogs online.

The Basil Method

Put a pot of sweet basil close to your door. It is not just for cooking but a natural fly repellent too. Lavender also repels flies and has a great smell.

Install an Air Door

Installed above the doorways, air doors, work by pushing a curtain of air out of the room. Flies will not enter, and what’s more, it provides excellent air conditioning on a hot day. These are quite costly and are economical only when used for business premises.

Fly and Chain Screens

Fly screens like the ones you can get from Fly screens SA are highly effective at keeping flies at bay, and they are decorative too. You can also get a fly screen to protect all entrance s.

The chain screens perform the same function and have significant use in butcheries and other business premises.


You might be inviting flies and other insects into your house without releasing them yourself. Therefore, make sure that you empty bins regularly, clean the pets’ mess as soon as you see it and do not leave food lying around. Always ensure that you do not have standing water near your windows and doors, such as stagnant water left in any container. All these are great attractants of pests and flies. Also, ensure that you turn off unnecessary lights as light attracts insects. If you keep a clean house with nothing for flies to feed on, you will have few pest issues.